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Never give up on a mis-selling campaign!

Rules of engagement

1. Register a complaint with the insurer or IFA or bank, etc.
2. Follow the procedure contained in the complaints guide they have to send you.
3. After about 2 months maximum they should have responded but may ask for more time.
4. If you are not satisfied with the response ask them to refer to a senior manager.
5. If they reject this and refer you to an Ombudsman then follow their procedure carefully, but be aware that pensions complaints regarding mistakes or maladministration should go to the Pensions Ombudsman even though the insurer may refer you to the Financial Services Ombudsman (He deals with complaints to do with marketing and sales of financial products). Remember that the Pensions Advisory Service may offer free help to try and resolve a complaint prior to an Ombudsman referal.
6. Keep an eye on deadlines as you only have a limited time to bring your complaint, and the clock starts ticking when you knew about the problem, or should have known about it.
7. Don't be afraid to take things up with the CEO or Chairman, and try and appeal to their sense of fair play.
8. Consider starting a blog and seeking publicity if all else fails.
9. You could start a claim in the small claims court (even via the on-line process via Northampton CC) and see if that moves them.
10. Write to your M.P. as well! Let me know how you get on and comment on my blog! Thanks.